Cavalier County Tax Director

       Cavalier County Tax Director
3rd St Suite 2
       Langdon, ND 58249

Tax Director
Pam Lafrenz

Deputy Tax Director Stephanie Bata



As of August 2nd, the Vanguard Residential Assessors are still assessing in the city of Langdon. The assessors will be moving throughout the City. Today August 2nd a new Assessor  has started in Mt Carmel Twp. and he will be moving through West Hope Twp., Langdon Twp. and Harvey Twp. If the Assessor doesn’t find anyone at home, he will leave a door hanger. If the property owner would like the Vanguard Assessor to enter their residence; they will need to fill out the door hanger and mail it in to the County Tax Director.

If the property owner would like to have the inside of their home assessed and it hasn’t been entered by August 1, 2017, the property owner is to contact the County Tax Director Office to set up an appointment with the assessors.  Thank you for your patience and your assistance to help make Cavalier County a more fair and equalized county.


County Tax Director’s Office


 FARM RESIDENCE EXEMPTION                                    

 Q:  What are the requirements for an exemption of a farm residence?

A: There is a specific exemption from property tax for a qualifying farm residence. Each residence must be examined individually to determine if it qualifies. One should contact the county director of tax equalization of the county where the residence is located to review the specific facts of the residence. The general requirements are as follows: the residence must be located on ten acres or more of agricultural land and occupied by a farmer. A farmer is a person who devotes the majority of time to farming or ranching activities; has had net farm income that is at least 50 percent of the total annual income of the farmer and spouse in any one year of the three preceding calendar years; and has not had more than $40,000 of nonfarm income, including that of a spouse, for each of the three preceding calendar years. The term farmer includes a retired farmer who has retired because of age or illness and who, at the time of retirement, qualified as a farmer for the farm residence exemption. “Farmer” includes a beginning farmer who has begun occupancy and operation of a farm within the preceding three calendar years.

If you think you may qualify for the farm residence exemption, complete the Application for Farm Residence Exemption – and contact your county director of tax equalization.

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